Single 80.000 m2 area, of which 45.000 m2 are located within the urban zone, and the tangent rest 35.000 m2 are outside the urban zone.

Location: Located in Greece in the state of Achaias, just outside the city of Patras in the land position of "Mintilogli", with amazing oval view over the Patras’s bay area and the city of Patras, the Rio-Antirio bridge and the mountains of Aetoloakarnanians.

Access: The landsite resides at a 10-minute car-driving distance from the center of Patras, 10-minute from the new Patras’s port, 10-minute from all the important urban industry , 20 minutes away from the Araxos airport and just 20 minutes away from the beautiful Kalogria beach. The access road is an urban road segment, while there is also access by the city bus. The road facing the site is asphalted.

Structural potential: With a construction coefficient of 0.8, the site is suitable for numerous intends and purposes, with escalating construction coefficients, suited even for private construction. Available for large residential communities, luxurious apartments, bungalows e.t.c, even for light-industrial manufacturing purposes since the zoning laws permit light industry near residential areas.

Specifically, the construction possibilities include :  

  • Hotels and bungalows in combination with exotic residencies
  • Health/Rehabilitation clinics
  • Exotic/Urban luxurious residencies
  • Buildings for professional purposes
  • Light industry factories
  • Conference centers
  • Retirement homes and nursing homes-communities

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