The civil engineering firm was founded in 1984, when it began as an independent collaboration of professionals on building projects and topographical landscape charting. Since 1989 it was manifested as a project analysis civil engineering firm and began undertaking further topographical charting, supervision of construction procedures and implementation of anti-seismical equipment with total success.
In 1997 the construction company ANASTOPOULOS-MANIATIS  O.E "Plethron 29.57" was embedded to the original structural analysis/design engineering firm, which vastly expanded the range of engineering work of the original company and added to its line of work the construction/reinforcement/repairement of building projects.
By 2008 our company has to present a completely satisfied clientele of over 5,000 customers, the complete supervision and construction of over 400 construction project of various magnitude, and the participation in the structural analysis and construction process of world-class famous households such as the ''COSTA NAVARINO" hotel located in Pilos.
In addition the firm works as a technical advisor and collaborator to world-famous franchises such as the 5-star hotel brach GRECOTEL, KOTYXI A.C, and as a business collaborator and consultant to one of the largest and most famous Greek construction companies, INTRAKAT.
ANASTOPOULOS-MANIATIS O.E "Plethron 29.57" provides the highest construction standrads in terms of structural integrity and stability fueled by a multi-year experience in the design/construction sector. As an example, the local buildings of ANASTOPOULOS-MANIATIS O.E "Plethron 29.57" during the 6.5 on the Richter scale grippling 2008 earthquake which damaged greatly the area of Myrsinis-Lehena, all came out intact.
Furthermore we possess all the necessary vehicles, machinery, tools and equipment in our own yard to carry out even the most demanding construction projects.