1. Constructions

    Construction of buildings, structures and facilities of any kind.

    Reinforced concrete buildings
    Steel buildings,
    Timber buildings
    Composite buildings
    Earthworks/Excavation projects
    Traffic and highway projects
    Innovation and manifestation of gardens/public squares/sport facilities
    Special-requirements structures
    Areas of professional work
  2. Structural analysis of projects

    We undertake the structural analysis of construction projects and buildings.

    Structural analysis of projects
    Surrounding environment
  3. Supervisions

    Supervisions of building projects, ours as well as of others' firms.

  4. Repairements

    We undertake repairements/reinforcement/re-innovations of buildings:
    Due to inveteracy strain
    Due to earthquake strain
    Reinforcement against earthquake/ implementation of anti-seismical measures
  5. Re-innovations of buildings

    We elevate your building in terms of energy distribution and conservation by methods of insulating your building with insulative materials and correct positioning of openings in respect to the geological area and climate.
     We renovate and re-create your residence. 
  6. Supervision of construction site

    We undertake the supervision of extensive, multi-tasking demanding construction work sites.

  7. Construction permits

    Topographic landscape charts
    Structural investigation
    Legalisation of arbitrarily constructed buildings
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